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About Echo Care

Echo care bio solutions are incorporated in the year 2012, at Pachamalai the company is focused on bio solutions for crops and soils, engaged in the production and supply of eco-friendly agriculture inputs like parasitoids, predators and bio-pesticides. Our entire range of bio-control products can be very well used in intensive and integrated as well as in organic farming.

Echo care bio solutions make agriculture healthier, safer and productive we provide an specialist knowledge and natural safe solutions that improves crop health, resilience and production. We firmly believe in the power of nature, working with nature leads to a holistic approach which makes food crops environmentally friendly and safe often achieve a strong position in the market place.

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Pure Organic

Use Beneficial Insects, produce Agri products in pure organic way.



Beneficial Insects is 100% eco-Friendly way in producing agri products.


Quick Results

Beneficial Insects gives quick results against pests in your farm.


More Profit

Use Beneficial Insects in correct time get more production in your farms.


Risk Free

Beneficial Insects is risk free method to use in your farm.


Free Consultation

Echo Care give free Consultation to use Beneficial Insects in your agri production.


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What is the important of insects?

They perform many important functions. They aerate the soil, Pollinate blossoms and control insect and planet pests.

Why are insects so important in the production of food for humans?

Insects pollinate many fruits flowers and vegetables. We would not have much of the produce that we enjoy and rely on without the Pollinating services of insects.

Why is Beneficial Insects important for crops?

We produce beneficial insects, it very useful to control the pests.

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