Echo care bio solutions are incorporated in the year 2012, at Pachamalai the company is focused on bio solutions for crops and soils, engaged in the production and supply of eco-friendly agriculture inputs like parasitoids, predators and bio-pesticides. Our entire range of bio-control products can be very well used in intensive and integrated as well as in organic farming.

Echo care bio solutions make agriculture healthier, safer and productive we provide an specialist knowledge and natural safe solutions that improves crop health, resilience and production. We firmly believe in the power of nature, working with nature leads to a holistic approach which makes food crops environmentally friendly and safe often achieve a strong position in the market place.

We are supplying our products to sugar mills like E.I.D parry sugars, Chengalrayan Co.oP. Sugar Mills pvt Ltd., Kallakurichi Co.op Sugar mills II Pvt Ltd Kachirapalayam (Tamil Nadu), Nava Bharath sugars (Andhra Pradesh), private firms like K.N Biosciences (Telangana), and government organizations.

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Chengalrayan Co-Op. Sugar Mills Ltd., Periyasevalai, Tamil Nadu.

Perambalur Sugar Mills Ltd., PO. Eraiyur, Tamil Nadu

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